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An industry-leading innovative approach
to ESG risk assessment and due diligence.
We are a unique advisory boutique that conducts ESG due diligence and risk assessments for funds managers, private equity funds and Green/Sustainable bonds that want a strong ESG strategy and integration.
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What we do
         WHAT WE DO
  • We assist with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices coupled with business ethics, including anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and ethical financial practices.​
  • We help our clients prove that they are effectively implementing ESG, and thereby help them grow as they develop good business practices, enhance their reputation, and ensure a long-term positive impact.  ​
  • Our strong risk assessments are based on a transparent scoring system, which allows us to create benchmarking and data charts for the emerging and non-emerging markets.
  • We assist our clients with their ethical behavior, especially those working in sensitive and emerging zones, where the risk is greater. 
First ESG & ethical certification | Luxembourg | Label R | Enhancing your reputation
How we do it
          HOW WE DO IT

  • ​Label R goes beyond the ESG assessment and reporting: it proposes a strong and impartial due diligence and audit assessing and verifying its clients effective ESG and ethical system. 
  • Our methodology is comprised of onsite audit coupled with reputation screening and due diligence checking of funds management, projects, companies, suppliers and subsidiaries. 
  • We identify, monitor, and screen the serious ESG risks of which a fund and its portfolio could be exposed by, including the supply chain and business partners. Our findings are generated in powerful data reports. 
  • We help investors assessing the ESG and ethical risks of their funds and bonds to compare it with their peers. 
  • We offer a strict process, which allows your company to remain in sync with the global ESG and ethical trends. It is constantly reviewed by a board of independent ethics experts
  • Label R has a partnership with SGS, a global inspection and testing company and has been recognized by major organizations as the only company able to provide ESG due diligence for private equity funds.
          YOUR BENEFIT
  • By providing advisory services on integrating ESG issues into your investment strategies and decision-making processes, we help you assess and mitigate your ESG and ethical risks, increase returns, and create value. ​
  • Our consulting service allows you to easily report to your investors with the implementation of our ESG risk management recommendations and written audits.
  • We provide high level deliverables that can be shared with your investors, customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Your money and time is saved thanks to automatized due diligence and report. 
  • You gain access to the only AML, anti-corruption and ethical financial practices risk assessments.
  • Your companies, funds and bonds become compliant with the EU regulations and the highest ethical standards including the IFC performance standards, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), OECD, UN Global Compact, and all the highest Sustainable and Green bonds standards.
  • We help you provide value for GP’s and LPs whilst addressing issues across the E, the S, the G and the ethics.  
First ESG & ethical certification | Luxembourg | Label R | The unique global certificatio for ethical companies and funds
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