Our Story

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Label R was co founded by Oriane Schoonbroodt in 2018 to fill a gap in the market. It was created with the intention of influencing ethical responsibility, environmental mindfulness, and sustainable investing. Oriane is a former diplomat and senior policy advisor at the European Parliament and the United Nations, where she was in charge of the Human Rights Committee. She is also the former co-founder and director of the 8 Foundation that developed communication campaigns in favor of the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDG's, today known as SDG's) launched by the United Nations. Oriane is an activist for sustainable finance, ethical due diligence and human rights.


The "R" in the brand name represents reputation, risk and responsibility. The brand began with the creation of iPrism, a technology platform used to measure impact, monitor risk, score and create benchmarks, audit both desktop and on site, create custom reports, recommend due diligence guidance, and educate the company on sustainable practices. Overtime, the iPrism technology was sold and Label R focused on having a certification (or label) for companies to obtain if they qualified. While the company's product has changed over the years, the mission remains the same: to enhance your reputation.


Today, Label R uses its own calculated methodology to help its clients by providing them with valuable ESG risk management, sustainability assessment, due diligence optimization, ethical investment claims of alternative funds oversight, ESG scoring and benchmarking, and reputation auditing. Label R has previously been recognized by the International Finance Corporation as the only company able to provide ESG methodology for private equity funds. While it is no longer the only company doing so, due to the competitive and growing industry, it was still the world's first of its kind and it continues to evolve each and every day.


Because we are in a world where transparency, ethical investing, sustainability, and technology are critical, it is essential for companies to focus on their reputation and adhere to rules and regulations as they evolve. Label R can help take your business to the next level with the first ESG/ ethical due diligence/ risk assessment tool for fund managers.


“Label R. helps our fund to effectively assess our ESG strategies and processes”​
- Ravi Bhatt, ESG Funds Director at APIS Partners 
"The product is interesting in that there are no cohesive E-S-G audits which provide value for GP’s and LPs whilst addressing issues across the E, the S and the G"
-John Vercoe, 8 MILES 
"Luxembourg's Label R. ESG methodology takes an important step toward uniform ethical investment standards across the financial industry" ​
-Jean-Marie Masse, IFC
"Label R is the most comprehensive, rigorous and harmonized certification and due 
Diligence process for companies and private equity fund managers." 

-Michel Mooser, SGS
"​This Label offers all the guarantees of independence and seriousness. It allows any certified company to demonstrate a high level of ethics and responsibility in its practices"
-Charles Chaussepied, Richemont
"The Label R team relies on its extensive experience in this field to compute the most significant international standards and initiatives into one single tool that delivers standardized, high quality and audited due diligences on fund managers and portfolio companies with regards to ESG criteria."
-Philippe Lanciers, Arendt