ESG for Asset Managers - Advanced training

Updated: May 19, 2020


In today’s society sustainability has become a clear point of focus for most, if not all, companies and investment funds. Understanding what lies behind the E, the S and the G of ESG is key to defining an investment strategy fit to your company or investment fund which, when successfully executed, effectively identifies the positive performance opportunities while managing the potential risks.

Having a strong ESG strategy doesn’t seem to be an option anymore. All market participants have to go beyond the green washing and tighten their processes in the researching, hiring and monitoring of their operations and of their investments if they don’t want to come under the spotlight for wrong ESG management. The case of the Abraaj fund in 2018, which was the biggest collapse in private equity history, still raises the question of why an apparently successful private equity firm that managed $14 billion and was an influential investor went wrong.

Arendt, Label R and Ripple Effect have partnered and combined their expertise to propose a four-module training programme to guide you through the latest regulatory changes supporting the development of sustainable finance and ESG, as well as through the practical design and implementation of a sustainable investment strategy. The training programme also provides participants with a clear understanding of sustainability risks and how to manage them while providing participants with the keys to monitoring and reporting on sustainability-related matters.

Attendance of all four modules is possible but not mandatory.



By the end of the first module, participants will have:

¨ Understood Key ESG Concepts

¨ What ESG is

¨ Why it matters

¨ Where it all started

¨ Founding international agreements

¨ Reviewed the new Regulatory Horizon

¨European Commission action plan on financing sustainable growth

o Taxonomy

o Sustainability disclosures

o Benchmarks

- Impact on existing directives






By the end of the second module, participants will have:

¨ Understood the existing sustainable investment strategies

- ESG Incorporation

o Screening strategies

o Integration

o Thematic investing

o Impact investing

- Active Ownership / stewardship

o Engagement

o Voting

¨ Understood the operational impact on current investment processes

¨ Understood the actors available to asset managers to supporting implementation of their strategy


By the end of the third module, participants will have:

¨ A global overview of sustainability risks (their identification, measurement, management and frameworks)

¨ Understood the operational impact on their internal organization including:

¨ The key features of an effective ESG policy and procedures

¨ESG Management System


By the end of the fourth module, participants will have:

¨ Received the keys to implement efficient sustainability monitoring and reporting

¨ Understood the current complex ecosystem of specialised actors including:

o ESG rating agencies

o Labels providers

o Non-financial reporting standards and frameworks


Our speakers, teaming up specifically for this programme, combine extensive governance, regulatory and monitoring expertise

Antoine Peter, Arendt Regulatory and Consulting

Oriane Schoonbroodt, Label R

Jane Wilkinson, Ripple Effect

Antoine Peter is a Senior Advisor at Arendt Regulatory & Consulting (ARC).

In 2017, after a few years in the banking sector, Antoine joined Arendt Regulatory & Consulting where he provides regulatory and operational advice to clients involved in the licensing of regulated entities in Luxembourg in the asset management and asset servicing businesses. He also assists clients in providing compliance support and reviewing their operating models related to governance but also to investment management and valuation models.

Specialising in ESG and sustainable finance solutions Antoine assists clients with the set-up and implementation of their ESG strategies.

He is a speaker at the course “ABC of ESG” via the Arendt Institute and participates in the ALFI working groups on Responsible Investing and RI Fund Labels.

Jane Wilkinson is an independent, non-executive director and specialised sustainable finance consultant, launching her business in later 2019. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Luxembourg and course leader of their new MSc in Sustainable Finance.

Jane has extensive experience in sustainable finance having lead Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s sustainable finance strategy since the launch of the world recognised Luxembourg Green Exchange. During her time at LuxSE, Jane was appointed as one of only 35 experts to the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, whose objective was to provide practical industry guidance on the implementation of the EU’s Financing Sustainable Growth Action Plan.

Prior to joining LuxSE, Jane was a KPMG partner, acting both as an audit partner running the alternative investments team and heading up KPMG’s Sustainability Services division here in Luxembourg. She has worked with diverse clients in both private equity and sustainable finance. Many of her audit clients were investee funds of the EIF with Luxembourg fund vehicles and so she has an ideal understanding of the kind of fund managers that EIF staff members will be reviewing, whilst also understanding the challenges faced by fund managers implementing practical due diligence. Jane was also the audit partner leading the audit of the EIB Group Sustainability Report for several years.