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Co-Founder & Executive Director
Oriane is a former diplomat and senior policy advisor at the European Parliament and the United Nations, where she was in charge of the Human Rights Committee. 
She’s also the former co-founder and director of the 8 Foundation that developed communication campaigns in favor of the 8 Millennium Development Goals - MDG’s (the former SDG’s) launched by the United Nations. 
Active entrepreneur in communication campaigns, PA/PR strategies and reputation management, she also is convinced that finance can contribute to a better society. It’s why she created Label R in a world where transparency, ethical investing and technology are critical to make the investment process evolving and change the industry.


Advisory Board

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Independent Expert

International expert in the sustainable supply chains and responsible sourcing.
Member of the board of the Responsible Jewellery Council since 2006 (RJC) / Former chair and vice chair of the RJC /
/ Former deputy CEO of Piaget / Former Director CSR and Corporate Affairs, Piaget,
Former member of the Corporate Social Responsibility and of the Reputation Committees of Richemont International s.a. for whom he still consults on compliance matters
Vice chair of the European Jewellery Guild.

Independent Expert

Benjamin Elbaz is a Managing Director at BlackRock and is currently co-head of BlackRock’s Digital Wealth platform & sales technology team. 


Digital Wealth is BlackRock’s Fintech business serving the wealth management industry globally, delivering a range of digital products and data science solutions to financial advisors and BlackRock.  

Eleonora RIZZUTO
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Independent Expert

Director CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development for Bulgari Group and LVMH Italian Brands 

Co-Founder and President of AISEC a non-profit association for the development of circular economy in Italy

Member of the Standards Committee of the Responsible Jewellery

Council (RJC)

Member of the CSR Manager Network.

Independent Expert

Economic advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) / Claude is responsible of the development of the ICRC’s relations with businesses operating in conflict zones / Engaged with companies in the extractives sector and was an observer in the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights initiative (VPs) / Leading a major project developing a practical guidance and tools for the management of companies’ security and human rights issues.


Independent Expert

Independent Board Chair and Board Member of investment companies including private equity and venture capital funds, private debt funds, mainstream retail investment funds and specifically those with an ESG focus.

Advisor to asset managers and corporates on ESG strategy, implementation and reporting.

Former expert member of the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

Former Head of Sustainable Finance at Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Luxembourg Green Exchange

Former KPMG Luxembourg Audit Partner and Head of Sustainability Services

Current Board member of various global non-profit

Jane Wilkinson
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