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Thanks to a strong assessment of your ESG & ethical strategy and risks 

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Label R is the world’s first certification and due diligence outfit that covers environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices coupled with business ethics, including anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and ethical financial practices.

Label R specifically addresses fund managers, private equity funds and sustainable bonds with operations in sensitive and emerging zones.

We propose a strong and harmonised tool for our clients to be able to prove that they are effectively implementing ESG, and thereby help them grow by developing good business practices, enhancing their reputation, and ensuring a long-term positive impact. 

Behaviours have to be scrutinised in order to make the highest ethical standards the norm”.

Label R offers ESG & ethical certification, due diligence and second party opinion to fund managers, private equity funds, companies and Sustainable & Green bonds. 


Label R scrutinizes its clients for ethical behavior, especially those working in sensitive and emerging zones, where the risk is greater. 

Label R goes beyond the assessment and the certification: it proposes a strong and impartial due diligence and audit assessing and verifying its clients effective ESG and ethical system. 

Our methodology comprises a process and onsite audit coupled with reputation due diligence checking funds management, projects, companies, suppliers and subsidiaries.

We identify, monitor and screen the serious ESG risks to which a fund and its portfolio could be exposed, up to the supply chain and business partners. 

We help investors assessing the ESG and ethical risks of their funds and bonds and to compare it with their peers. 

We offer a strict process, which allows your company to remain in sync with the global ESG and ethical trends. It is constantly reviewed by a board of independent ethics experts

Label R has partnerships with SGS, a global inspection and testing company and has been recognised by the International Finance Corporation of the World bank as the only company able to provide ESG due diligence for private equity funds.

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        You assess & mitigate your ESG and ethical risks

        High value deliverables for your investors, customers, suppliers and employees

        You access the only AML, Anti-corruption and ethical financial practices certification.

        Companies, funds and bonds become compliant with the EU regulations and the highest ethical standards as the IFC performance standards, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), OECD, UN Global Compact, and all the highest Sustainable and Green bonds standards

        Label R proposes cohesive E-S-G audits and due diligence which provide value for GP’s and LPs whilst addressing issues across the E, the S, the G and the ethics. 

        “Label R. helps our fund to effectively assess our ESG strategies and processes”

        - Ravi Bhatt. ESG Funds Director. APIS Partners 

        Certification Process

        Fund manager procedure

        Here is our procedure for Fund Managers

        Private equity fund procedure

        Here is our procedure for Equity Funds


        Company procedure 

        Here is our procedure for Companies


        Sustainable/Green bonds procedure

        Here is our procedure for Sustainable/Green Bonds

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