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ESG Services

We help you assess the level of maturity of the ESG management system and provide recommendation gap to be aligned to best practices and international standards.

(GRI, IFC, OECD, ISO 2600, FAFT, SFDR principle adverse impacts, ILO Tripartite, SA 8000, TCFD, CDSB, UN sustainable Development Goals, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, UN global Compact, WEF Reporting Guidelines)

We help you identify the right priorities, targets and actions to implement your ESG strategy. Then, we help you develop your ESG governance structure by recommending the most effective governance structure based on your ESG roadmap, operations and capabilities.

We assess and develop tailored Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) for the financial sector. These systems are designed to manage and mitigate risks as well as provide the framework for moving towards international performance standards and benchmarks.

We assess and advise on reporting by reviewing your ESG reporting process and system in place and provide objective recommendations for improvement, for example on UNPRI or TCFD disclosures. We help you identify your key reporting stakeholders and advise on how you should report. We also help you to embed the reporting systems into your operations.

Gap Analysis & Alignment to Standards & reporting framework

ESG strategy roadmap

ESG management systems



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We organize tailor-made trainings in collaboration with Arendt Institute, Arendt Regulatory and Services (ARC) and Ripple Effect for you and your team members, as for example for board directors, executives, portfolio managers and risk analysts.

We provide a tailored approach to ESG due diligence assessment depending on your risk profile and risk exposure. We apply our strong capabilities and deep knowledge of ESG due diligence to help you develop an effective approach to the management of ESG issues.

ESG Risk & Materiality Assessment

We provide advices on portfolios on behalf of owners or fund managers on their overall risk management strategies and approaches to ensure that investments are representing a balanced risk profile which are aligned to various best practices and international standards like IFC, OECD, ILO, the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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ESG Due Diligence

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